What is this writing service all about?


EssayUSA is a writing service based in the United States. It offers academic writing services to clients in the United States as well as from other parts of the world. They also offer other services which are not related to academics. EssayUSA is an excellence-oriented company which focuses mainly on delivering the best quality of services to their customers.

EssayUSA has a very high approval rating amongst all the other companies that offer writing services. This is mostly as a result of the fact that the customers who have made use of their services have been satisfied. This is also evident by the high return rate from first-time customers. Furthermore, the company has a very large of clients annually and an average rate of over 10 orders per day.


What kind of writers does this service have?


The main driving force behind a writing service is the writers who actually make the request of the customer come to fruition. The role of the best essay writing service in US writers can never be overemphasized. Without them, a writing service cannot survive and thrive. Due to the nature of the academic writing work, writing services often find themselves in a competition over the very limited amount of professional academic writers. They also recognize the fact that there are others who pose as academic writers but actually lack the experience and training which one requires in order to become a bona fide writer. Here are some of the characteristics of the EssayUSA writers:


  • High level of competence – EssayUSA writers are held accountable for the quality of the services they offer to their customers. There are expected the zero-tolerance policy for all kind of cheating. This includes providing accurate citations and genuine sources instead of just writing any random information just to run up the word count. Also, EssayUSA writers are made to run a mandatory plagiarism check on their papers even before the customer gets them. This plagiarism check is aimed at detecting copied or paraphrased ideas which might tarnish the integrity of the paper.

  • Sense of responsibility – The EssayUSA writers always treat the customer as equals and contemporaries. This includes when communicating ideas and listening or giving suggestions for improvement. They fully engage the customer in order to maximize the outcome. EssayUSA writers work according to a very strict timetable which is regulated by the deadline of the orders which they are working on. This means that the customer can contact the writer at any time of the day during the process in order to make sure that everything is going according to plan or just to check the progress of the paper.

  • Native English speakers – EssayUSA exclusively hires writers who have a great understanding of the English language and understand the tricks of the academic writing trade. These tricks do not mean deceptive tactics but rather ways to manoeuvre and channel limited intellectual and physical resources to obtaining the goal of completing the paper.


Why should you trust them?


Before giving out your money to a company which offers writing services for them to help you in writing your essay, you have to pay attention to the fact that there might be things in the terms and conditions of the services they offer which you might not necessarily agree with. Therefore, it is necessary that the customer goes through the terms and conditions as well as the reviews provided by others on the services offered by EssayUSA writers


  • Top quality papers – The quality of the papers written by EssayUSA writers are very outstanding. They are free of all forms of grammatical errors and other common mistakes which amateur writers make. There is no plagiarism. For students who are struggling with their grades or those who are writing very sensitive papers where there is no room for error, their papers are safe in the hands of the EssayUSA writers. This is one of the main reasons why most of their first-time customers always return to buy their papers from them again.

  • Professional revision – For those customers who applied for revisions, this service is provided by the most seasoned EssayUSA writers who already have a lot of experience in that field. It is also worthy to note that revisions on orders which an EssayUSA writer has worked on are free as far as the request is made within the proper period.

  • Advanced writing services – EssayUSA writers also offer other advanced writing services which are not available to customers who use other writing services. These include checking the sources for validity, providing better sources, finding better alternatives to a part of the writing which is below the academic standard of a college student.

  • Expert consultation – EssayUSA writers are also available for those who need consultation when they are writing their own papers. These opinions will go a long way in guiding you through this process.