What is this writing service all about?


Extra Essay writing service is a company whose primary focus is alleviating the academic burden placed on students by teachers and professors. Apart from alleviating the academic burden of students, they also cater to the burden of others who are not in the academic sphere. These include employees, employers, and others. The bottom line is that they help the customer with whatever writing-related problem they might have.

The scope of the academic writing services which they offer encompasses and covers a very wide range. The main service which they offer is providing help to students by helping them write their essays or giving them hints on how to go about this task. They also help them edit and proofread their work to see if it corresponds to the standard and instructions provided by the teacher. Furthermore, they also take on difficult tasks like dissertations, book reports, and coursework. They also help job applicants in writing their CV and cover letter and provide a presentation for people who are interested.


What kind of writers does this service have?


A writing service is empty without their writers. It is no secret that the whole process of writing a paper involves a whole lot of individuals who make it possible, but without the writers actually bringing all the ideas together in a refined way, the whole process is a waste of time. Therefore, since the role of the writers is the most important, essay help for students has made it their responsibility to go to extra lengths in making sure that they hire the right people for the job.


There are two types of writers: the full-time writers and the freelance writers.


The full-time Extra Essay writers are those who are employed directly by the company to work on papers on a regular basis. The freelance writers are professionals who cooperate with the company whenever there is a need for a paper to be written. The Extra Essay freelance writer position might only be for special tasks or for revision of new works, but they still have to meet the specified standards. Here are the standards which every Extra Essay writer must meet to become a part of the team:


  • All Extra Essay writers are expected to be available at specified times. They have to be readily available when they are working on a paper because the customer might actually want to get in contact with them. This means that Extra Essay writers are highly disciplined because they follow a strict timetable. This discipline translates also to the results of their writings. There are no cases of plagiarism due to the high level of intolerance to any fraudulent act. Some companies are not strict on the plagiarism issue with their writers as far as they deliver the paper on time. However, Extra Essay writers are held accountable for all their actions and can be punished accordingly if they go out of line.

  • In order to become an Extra Essay writer, you have to show that you are fluent in English. This does not mean that you have to able to speak the language. It actually entails that you have to actually understand the language of academic writing and the vocabulary of the field of study you specialize in. Furthermore, all Extra Essay writers must have obtained a college degree from an English-speaking university. This will help in determining the area of specialization which they would be working on so as to prevent a situation where a writer is stuck with a task on a topic they have no background knowledge in.


Why should you trust them?


There is nothing wrong with skepticism on the internet where most people are actually faceless and you cannot access the authenticity of the contents. However, here are some of the reasons why you should trust Extra Essay writers:


  • Critics – Many critics from different review websites have performed the important task of thoroughly evaluating the services offered by Extra Essay writers in order to determine the level of credibility they contain. These review sites have left a lot of positive comments and highly recommend the service of Extra Essay writers. Apart from critics, customers whose papers were written by Extra Essay writers in the past have come back to leave their reviews on the website.

  • Security and Quality assurance – With Extra Essay writers, there is no chance or fear of personal information getting into the hands of a third party. This is because they have a very strict privacy policy which they must follow in order not to lose their employment.

  • Extra Essay writers work according to a specific timetable which is often based on the deadline of the paper they are currently working on. Therefore, the customer can rest easy with the knowledge that their paper will be ready on time.

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